Your Request For A Divine Revelations Session 

Your First Divine Revelations Session is Our Gift


Thank you!

Your request for a complimentary DIVINE REVELATIONS SESSION to determine whether this PROGRAM is perfect for you right now is on its way to us.

We will perform your DIVINE REVELATIONS SESSION within the next 1 to 2 business days and send you an email (using the email address you provided in the form) with the exact information we receive from THE DIVINE.

The DIVINE INFORMATION that you will receive from us will be very brief.

If you are interested in a longer DIVINE REVELATIONS SESSION, please use the contact form located on our CONNECT page.

Thank you for trusting THE DIVINE and for your trust in Energy Healing Arts LLC.




If we have previously provided you with a complimentary DIVINE REVELATIONS SESSION the fee for this SESSION will be $350.00.

We will provide you with a payment link via email.

If you would like for us to proceed with this DIVINE REVELATIONS SESSION, please process the payment within 1 business day.